Repair of the lavatory in a block of flats

Restroom has long been a friend and helper in each family. Invigorating morning shower is charging us for the day, and a hot, bubble bath helps reduce fatigue and big fun, and it’s nice to watch however it splashes your child. And this is alone one little room, which we will try to contact you to transform, to make a lovely and unique! The restroom in a typical house of the panel has a number of advantages over the “Khrushchev” project. The main advantage, of course, is a separate placement under the orders. Node that even modest amounts washroom allows, if the right approach, to put in it all necessary and indispensable feature of today in this room. Advancements in technology and comfort are big steps presently and it is perfect. We all need to see in your bathroom: a bathtub or douche, a sink, wall mirror with a wash machine. Dimensions of the restroom in a typical house of the panel are different – 130 * 150cm, 150 * 150cm, 150 * 170cm. In the case where the sizing of your lavatory 130 * 150cm. Put simultaneously toilet, sink and wash machine without sacrificing beauty and comfort is very difficult. The best option here is to substitute the bathroom on the shower, the alternative otherwise the refusal of the sink or washing machine. The lavatory 150 * 150cm. Yet possess the opportunity to host a full bath and find a place for the sink and wash machine. This will have to cultivate the lavatory across the input and transform liner water conduit pipes, but the end effect will do you happy for many years. 150 * 170cm – everything is easy and problems with accommodation generally does not occur. Having defined the placement san. Applications want make liner pipe water, sewage and electricity to the intended put, it will give the aesthetics of your restroom. If about of the pipes may not be hidden in the wall, a good decision would be the development of moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboard. This is followed by the dismantling of the old wall and floor wall tiles, paint, whitewash. This is a very important step and from the increasingly depends on the capacity and reliability of the laying of floor tiles and slabs. Treated surfaces need be treated primer impregnation. Now we may start laying the wash tiles. The toilet in a typical house of the panel has a rather modest sizing, however complex design wash tile, there will be some to see, but that does not mean that It is possible to not do a design that is interesting. Today, stores offer a huge choice of decorative tiles and panels of tiles, It is possible to ordering prints of your favorite graphics or pictures on the wall tiles and make your own panels, which will beautify your bathroom. Otherwise, best to stick to the classic design – dark bottom, light top smashed together curb floor tiles. This design is visually increase the height of the roof tiles and the light will give your lavatory more brightness, which also increases the visual capacity. When laying wall tiles used wash tile crosses, their sizing directly depends on the property of the wall tiles you get purchased, the property is higher than the same sizing may be littler. But yet, do not use floor tile crosses larger than 3 mm. The optimal sizing will be 1.5 – 2 mm. This will give the aesthetics and chic to your toilet. Laying floor tile is best to beginning from the floor. This will install the foundation and level. Future is the setup of wash tiles on the walls. Stitches later laying tiles should wipe trowel mix. Chosen for the floor dark grout color floor tiles, wall lighter or classic white. The ceilings in the restroom is better to make waterproof. A good decision would be a stretch ceilings or of plastic material panels. Color is also best to use white – it will give more lightness. The lighting in the restroom want be bright enough to do. A goodness resolution is to set ventilation and reverse membrane. Your bathroom is almost ready. It remains to set up rank. Technique. It is significant to stamp the good for all adjoining bath to walls. Set faucets, hang cabinets, shelves and enjoy your new restroom! I hope this article will help you in overhaul your toilet in a panel model home. If you demand to refer to professionals – we will be glad to assist you in this difficult task, maintenance the washroom, the bathroom maintenance, overhaul in the toilet, laying tile, tiling, laying wash tiles, tiling, laying floor tiles on the walls, laying wash tiles on the walls, laying tiles in the washroom, wall tile on the floor, laying wash tiles on the floor

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