Renovation. Major!

Earlier you begin to overhaul the apartment you enjoy to decide what kind of repairs work you demand to produce. There are two types – capital and cosmetic tools. The fact is that redecorating involves minor changes and adjustments, that is, painting the ceilings, wallpaper changer and. Etc. Naturally, this rehabilitation will cost much less capital! Speaking of major repairs, it is the work of a more complex type, when the apartment will be completely transformed into a new look. During the overhaul is affected almost all parts of the room. Frequently updating your placement done major maintenance, the owners are changing interior, furniture, and also set other advanced technologies. This type of maintenance is much more expensive conventional cosmetics. During the capital overhaul update even the bathroom, shower bath and lavatory. Prefer to change the old masters to current bath and jacuzzi. Etc. Overhaul involves great investments, but professionally executed maintenance will last 15 years or more!

Refurbishing flats

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