The amount of renovation work

Rehabilitation their own hand is usually planned in advance and carried out according to the following scheme. To start the type and capacity of renovation work: even the floors, paint ceiling, walls demolished, pokleit wallpaper or paint the walls, substitute the wood doors to new or renovate old ones, establishing new windows, or maintenance of existing, and, finally, colors for the apartment. Then acquire materials for the renovation and construction tools and facilities, which will create use of in the process of overhaul their own hands. This spatulas, rollers, trowels, brushes, etc. Be sure to carefully read the instructions that came with the construction materials. On how carefully you follow them, 100% depends on the grade of maintenance. Presently, there is a outline and all the necessary development substances and tools, and you can safely proceed to overhaul. Performance and mood depend largely on domestic comfort. To beginning us see what the apartment – this apartment, hallway, bathroom, and cook room. Each of these areas plays a huge role in the overall interior of the apartment and requires a lot of attention, about decisions in the general notion that includes everything from renovation their own hands and to choice of the floor curtains and chandeliers. Even the wood door handles may serve however proud owners of an rooms, if the non-standard and tasting. Organization of space apartments connected with certain needs, habits, and everyday situations that develop in specific circumstances. The creative process of design man-made environment is based on intuition and spontaneity, on the one mitt, this solution emotionally-like tasks, information and methodology, on the other – a decision utilitarian design tasks. Planning to maintenance their own hand, and designing an environment in which people live, work and play, do not forget some such concepts as “efficiency”, “convenience”, “comfort”, “safety”, “satisfaction”, that is, the wish for maximum consideration human factors. The main functions of the modern home, whether it’s an placement or a home, are: – Protection from external climatic influences, manifestations of the units – providing comfort in functional and utilitarian and sanitary aspects – protection against redundancy, unwanted social contacts – creation comfort, frets in the spiritual and aesthetic, and if potential – in artistic terms. Regardless of whether you live in rooms of different types, such as home country houses, farmhouses, there are functional areas: – Communication space (hallway, gateway corridors) – Zone inter-family communication (family placement, living apartment) – working and study space (rooms, a study student, workplace) – area of cooking and eating (kitchen, dining placement) – zone recovery and personal hygiene (toilet, bathroom, gym) – sleeping space, individual zone ( bedroom, kids, private rooms, a put to sleep) – Zone hobbies (studio, a workshop, a exceptional put at the table) – storage space (storage room, utility room, closet, shelf). Making comfortable, optimal living conditions requires solving problems in three areas: – the establishment of a list of plant and substantive content needed to fully meet the needs of people – to determine optimum dimensions of the facilities and items, the volume of space for their use; – accounting spiritual needs, personal tastes and habits. Solving these problems is closely related to the analysis of functional processes of the home. Approximately of them are stable, while others may go into the public office, others are re-emerging with new forms of life, with the construction of technology and social processes in society. The apartment must be a place of rest, where all the pieces of furniture and subjects keep a certain put, are in harmony with each other. This is an significant condition for the right-being in the apartment. It is therefore important to renovation their own hand in the room.

Refurbishing flats

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