Maintenance bathroom. Cast iron bathtub

Maintenance of bathrooms and toilets provides not alone aqueduct, laying wash tile and finishing the roof, and the installation of all necessary sanitary ware: bathrooms, showers, washbasins. Bath – one of the major plumbing fittings, which is located in the bathroom. Currently there are a huge choice of bathtubs made of different substances and different configurations. Depending on the substance tubs are cast iron, steel and acrylic. In this selection of toilet is significant to determine what kind to buy and set the renovation of the bath. The most famous – it’s cast iron bathtubs. There is a cast iron bathtub as Russian producers and foreign producers. We recommend to rehabilitation bathroom foreign cast iron bathtubs. The walls of the baths are more foreign-made thin walls, but more lightweight, they have the same strength. Another distinct advantage – it’s adjustable legs, which greatly simplifies construction and allows you to set the optimal height to the sewer drain. Highest-capacity cast iron bathtubs are made in France and Spain. These manufacturers are constantly delight their customers with new models and gadgets. The most important thing to renovation the restroom – this is its main attribute. Cast-iron bath has a distinct advantage: they possess not lost their color and brightness remain the greatest volume and short noise level

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